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Head of Web Analytics at AGIMA.

Food delivery services are starting to slowly turn to face their consumers - however, they do it in the forehead, not really bothering about trifles. Clients are becoming more demanding every day, the standard of living is growing, there is competition in almost every, even the narrowest, area. The adaptive design becomes a standard, providing a comfortable UX in all conditions, on the run, in the car, with slow Internet. SMS notifications, multi-channel numbers of polite call centers, friendliness and punctuality of the courier service also became familiar.

That is why the site, as the face of your company, becomes the sales channel that allows you to generate certain expectations from customers that correspond to the level of the current development of your business. When thinking about creating a food delivery site, you can use the following checklist.

From a certain point in time, part of the calls to you will be repeated and, possibly, the repertoire of the order will not change much, so it would be nice to provide for easy authorization (for example, through social networks) and be able to repeat the order, all other things being equal.

Use triggers (e.g. minimum order amount). Or, say, for sushi - it’s useful in order volume to focus on the number of people, sticks, wasabi and ginger.

Implement loyalty programs, 11th pizza as a gift, accumulative bonus points (transpizza).

Pay maximum attention to content. Hire a professional food photographer. Appetite can and should be provoked.

Use the same channel from which you were contacted for reverse communications. Email or phone. Do not call unnecessarily, it is annoying.

Accurate expectations. Delivery times taking into account the location of the client, the current workload of the kitchen and courier service.

Accept cards. If the client pays in cash, ask how much the courier will need to have change on hand.

Segment and study your consumers, their tastes and habits. For example, if you order one “margarita” on a weekly basis, bring “test two slices” of another pizza once with your order, which, in your opinion, will please the customer and costs a little more.


Today we will look at a number of obvious and, possibly, sometimes subjective mistakes made by the owners of the online pizzeria in Nizhny Novgorod. The site owner said that "they are constantly working on his behavioral qualities, but 20% of users still leave the site in the first 15 seconds." In the absence of any extended tracking within the framework of the access to statistics provided to us, I build my assumptions and recommendations mainly on the basis of experience, sometimes supporting them with data that are not in doubt.

First of all, we try to access the site from a mobile device. Dice on a pizza in the form of buttons with price tags are not buttons, although they look as such. From a mobile device, it is impossible to understand the diameter of small and large pizza. I'm calling. Time 10:17. It turns out that they work from 11 a.m. - this is written in small text somewhere in the footer. I waited four minutes on the phone without an answering machine, and then I hung up. For the purity of the experiment, I then called back during working hours, waited for an answer, hung up and waited for me to be called back. They didn’t call me back. I hope this is because I called from Moscow or my number was not determined, and not because this is not part of their practice.

I go to the main site. Here, thank God, it immediately becomes clear that we are talking about Nizhny Novgorod. The discrepancy is striking: the title of the page means that the service works 24 hours, around the clock. But we already know that in reality the working time is much less.

Pizza is also food, therefore, since you pay attention to the quality of products, take the time to create normal, "tasty" photos. Show a clean kitchen, wood burning stove. Tell us how to maintain the freshness of the ingredients and so on. Get your active social media audience into the new recipe. Understand their tastes.


"When the opening is in Your area." In yours - in which specifically? Or will news from all the districts be dropped right now?

It is worth trying to transfer your truly unique features to the top. In my opinion, this is a "minimum order - 1 any pizza" and the fact that "there will always be a change."

No one cares how many customers you have. Unless the mention of specific customers could help - such as the "official pizza supplier of the Nizhny Novgorod bobsleigh club." And show your three delivery areas right away.


Almost half of the SEO traffic is the result of cannibalism against competitors' brand requests. You are compared before purchase, this is important. And here is the phone. True, to another company.

Technical errors

By clicking on "Next Comments" we get to page scrolling to the beginning. Although new comments are being uploaded, it is not possible to read them.

What is the purpose of the “email you” button? It does not work.

In the reviews (on the main), the chronology and tree structure are violated. When a company responds, its recall is higher. This is confusing. Click on the "Share to Facebook" button. Are you sure that someone will want to share this, especially with special characters in the header?

"Honest reviews." And what can be dishonest? Do you have them separately stored?


First - the answer to the question "Why do 20% of users still leave the site in the first 15 seconds?" They do not leave, they call. Perhaps all at once, to your multi-channel number. You may not even know about it.

Web analytics is not necessary for such a site. At least for now. You need to start with things that are obvious to everyone. For example, start working from nine in the morning and offer a relevant breakfast to your CA, considering that approximately 10% of visits are during this time. Introduce a normal loyalty program, instead of the current "Get a promotional code only if we messed up the previous time." Note that I am not saying anything about the basket, online payment, SMS notifications and other luxuries. Obviously, sooner or later all this will be needed.

As for the general recommendations for similar services, I suggest starting to think about not the most obvious things - for example, what your site looks like after hours, how to make a time-delayed order, how to make an anonymous order (as a gift). Such little things can become useful for a certain part of your audience and grow into a competitive advantage. Web analytics and usability testing on real users can accurately answer the question of what and how will affect the client’s decision to place an order with you.

Watch the video: Magento 2 Delivery Boy App (November 2019).

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