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How to organize lighting in a large room

Residents of a rented room or their own three-room apartment - in short, of any typical housing - face the same common problems. Once a week, Life around calls on experts to find out how to solve these problems. In the new issue on how to properly organize lighting in a large room.

In apartment buildings of standard series, a large room - a hall or a living room - is a complex space. With an area of ​​18−20 square meters, builders offer residents a single lighting scenario - a hook for a ceiling lamp strictly in the middle of the geometric center of the ceiling. At the same time, no matter what kind of chandelier you’re hanging, what brightness of the bulb you’re lying around, there’s still something “wrong” with the lighting. How can I fix the situation and at the same time not spend a lot of money, do not start a major overhaul and do not stumble on the cords of extension cords?

Elena Ambrosimova

chief editor of the site 4living.ru

Be a little Americans in the interior! For them there is no concept of “overhead light” at all - the problem of lighting is solved by floor lamps and other local lamps. Of course, you need to choose the right floor lamp: on a long leg-fishing rod with a ceiling, leaning strictly over your chair. An example is the famous Arco lamp or low-cost analogues of a similar design.

If you like the usual way of lighting (chandelier), and you do not plan to overhaul in the near future, moving the lamp closer to the sofa will still not hurt. There are at least two ways. First, you can order a stretch ceiling (they will do it over the weekend without "dirty work"). The stretch ceiling allows you to provide a place for a new lamp or several in any place on the ceiling - hide all the wiring under the canvas. The second way is open wiring: pull it to the right place and close the old parking spot of the lamp with a decorative stucco socket. In a new place, the chandelier is also hung in the center of a similar stucco outlet. In classical interiors we leave white stucco molding, in modern - we paint in bright color.

No need to discount unconventional backlight options. You place solar lamps on the windowsill, they accumulate light all day, and in the evening you have enough background light to watch TV. By the way, you can buy it with ambient backlight (background color around the perimeter) and no longer think about additional sconces. You can read from the clothespin on the book, and dine in the light of rechargeable lamps. And in none of these options do you have to ditch the walls and think about additional wires.

Consider yourself lucky if you laid the laminate or parquet board in a castle way. You can disassemble part of the dies and hold the floor switch under the floor to the sofa. That is, turn on the floor lamp by pressing the legs without any extension cords.

And the last tip: try to hide all the wires in the wall during the next repair. Still no interior plugs and extension cords have not decorated. Sconces can also be controlled from a key switch or even a remote control. It is only necessary to find a place for them in advance and organize the appropriate electrics circuit.

Albina Aliyeva

interior designer

Light carries not only a functional load, but also decorative, psychological, and also provides zoning.

Make the light multilevel (three levels will be enough). At the eye level of a seated person - table lamps, shelf lighting. The average level is sconces and floor lamps. And the highest level - ceiling

lamps and ceiling lights. A room under such lighting will look more voluminous and comfortable. Install dimmer switches: they allow you to implement various lighting scenarios and, importantly, save energy.

Use four types of lamps in one room, only in this way its light design will be complete and harmonious. What is meant? The first type - general light - helps to achieve the desired level of illumination (it can be chandeliers, built-in ceiling lights, the so-called wall washers, that is, sconces that flood the walls with light). The second group of lamps is functional: table lamps, spotlights, floor lamps for reading. The third group - accent lighting - directional spots, lighting shelves and paintings. And the fourth group is a decorative light, that is, when the lamp itself is a decorative object.


Tatyana Alenina


I first ask my customers how they spend time in the living room. Maybe they all watch TV together, maybe they play, for example, backgammon, or they like to sit next to one on the couch with a laptop. Based on my habits, I make a plan of the room with furniture. And only then I plan to arrange the fixtures. So, the chandelier should not hang in the center of the room -

it is more correct to place it in the center of the sofa area (namely, in the center of the coffee table). Only having decided on the arrangement of furniture, you can correctly plan the switches, sockets and find the right position for the fixtures. No other way.

Not in every living room is a chandelier appropriate. The chandelier looks good in the space of the correct form in the classical style; it should be a certain central axis around which the whole drawing room is being built. If your living room is of irregular shape, it is better to abandon the chandelier - point directional lamps will give enough light and allow you not to look for some axis or center of space (furniture with such lamps can be arranged more freely, randomly). In my opinion, spotlights and directional lights fit modern interiors much better than chandeliers.

If there is no way to buy an expensive, author's chandelier in the classic sense in the living room or it does not fit the style, your choice is a lampshade with six or eight lamps. Yes, the ceiling lampshade is a wonderful, modern solution. Important: the fabric of the lampshade should not be artificial - better linen or silk.

Text: Svetlana Volina

Watch the video: Living Room Lighting Guide (November 2019).

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