Zhenya Nedosekina,

ON WIFE (26 years): 
vintage jacket leggings Black milk,
scarf Urban outfittersshoes Shoe embassy, glasses and a brooch from a flea market,
bag - vintage

Style and shops

I rarely go to Moscow stores. Anyway, I recently stopped going to the "physical" stores: I am very confused by the crowds. I want to buy something unique, and the mass market is a mass market, especially here. Usually I go to a Moscow store for something basic and vital: for a black shirt, white T-shirt and so on. These are standard H&M and Uniqlo. Uniqlo is much more popular, because the quality is better there, and H&M remains in case you need to go to the store whipped up. As for stores like Leform or KM 20, I’m just not a big fan of famous brands. Most often I pay attention to the composition and quality of tailoring. Therefore, in Zara, for example, I buy things very rarely. You often look at a thing there - it is quite expensive, but made of such terrible synthetics that you don’t even want to touch it, and tactile sensations are very important to me.

Unlike many of my friends, I do not go shopping for famous brands on trips in search of discounts. I’m more interested in local brands and vintage shops, because the latter are sorely lacking in Moscow. I often travel to Berlin, and I have a favorite second-hand there called Garage. It is huge, there are a lot of things that have been preserved from some antediluvian times, but at the same time you can find really interesting specimens for ten or twenty euros.

In my wardrobe there are a lot of leggings and things in the style of the eighties. I try to buy more colorful clothes, but in Moscow there is such an atmosphere that I often want to wear total black. I don’t wear heels very often, but it happens. And of the fashionable sneakers now, I like the very simple, old-school Reebok. Otherwise, I'm a fan of Dr. Martens that can be worn in any weather and at any time of the year.

Leggings Black Milk

I love leggings! They can be easily combined, and if you need to go somewhere on a trip, you can always take a lot, because they take up little space. And I buy them mainly from Black Milk. This is an Australian brand, there the designer is a man for whom women's legs are a kind of fetish. No one else has seen such prints.

Shoe EMBASSY boots

They are from London, I bought them in Camden. I liked the color. I think these are such classic English shoes. I put them on constantly, especially in such weather: they turned out to be terribly comfortable and fit everything.

Jacket vintage

I bought in Berlin, in some vintage store. They tell me that usually they go fishing or hunting in such ones. I love leggings, but I like the top is baggy, like this jacket.

Vintage bag

I bought a bag in a Beacon's Closet vintage store in the Williamsburg district of New York - this is a large warehouse with a bunch of clothes sorted by color. There, it seems to me, you need to spend the whole day to find something really interesting and worthwhile.


I was in New Orleans, I felt cold, and I bought the first scarf I came across. It seems to me that everyone has such a random scarf.

Los Angeles Flea Market Points

It was a huge market, it spans the entire school parking lot. There was a real paradise for lovers of glasses, these cost about five dollars. Most often I like round glasses, this pair liked the brown color of the lenses.

Amsterdam Flea Market Brooch

Once, in my opinion, a market is organized on a certain island there in two huge hangars a month. This is one of those markets where you need to literally rummage through to find something, constantly bargain. In one of the hangars there are two levels, and on the second, people ride on skateboards and BMX.

About the city

I love Moscow in the summer, because at this time of the year people here are kinder. I like the areas where the old architecture has been preserved: there is such a chamber atmosphere, in the center it is felt. I like the area of ​​the Patriarchs, especially in winter, when there are fewer people. The pond turns into a skating rink, and this has been happening for a million years - even Tolstoy rode on this ice. If it’s impatient, you can go there with skates at least at one in the morning.

Of course, here everything is very tense compared to the same Europeans and Americans. In Moscow, there is a feeling that you need to overcome some obstacles - both on the way to a cup of coffee and in the fight against housing and communal services. I don’t like the well-known things: curved sidewalks, impolite drivers, the lack of trash and normal street food. In fact, I would return part of the stalls: so you got out of the subway, and where do you buy chewing gum or a bottle of water?

I used to live near the place where we shot. This is a very strange piece of Moscow: it resembles Europe. The church was built before the revolution, it is about a hundred years old. Unlike our temples, you can go there in anything. It is very pleasant to walk around it: here you feel calm.

Photo: Mark Boyarsky

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