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May 23 - 25

Throughout the weekend, a Life around correspondent keeps track of all the most interesting of what is happening in the city: festivals, exhibitions, concerts, sales, photos and messages from social networks.


At the end of the day more about tattoos. A friendly editorial experiment - what will happen if Russian proverbs are translated into Latin and stuffed.


Canadian musician Mack Demarco, who will appear on the Bosco Fresh Fest stage in a few hours, has released a new marginal video. In it, he cuts his own fingers and literally gives birth to a watermelon. Admirers can listen to a song without a video sequence.


In the club, Just Just Arena, meanwhile, is approaching the end of the Moscow tattoo convention. Here, for example, is one of her guests.


An Aeroflot aircraft made an emergency landing at Sheremetyevo. The crew flying to Yerevan landed due to smoke in the luggage compartment. None of the passengers were injured, they calmly left the plane.



Kanye West and Kim Kardashian got married. This happened for someone long-awaited event in Florence, and photos can be viewed here.


And on the “Bottle” the festival “Cleanly. Heartily” is in full swing - an analogue of the Finnish “Cleaning Day”. A collapse appeared in the courtyard of the design factory, where everyone can leave, sell, give to charity or exchange their old things. The promotion ends with a party with the participation of the groups "Moss" and Lucidvox.

publication of FLACON design-zavod.


For those who go shopping on Sunday. A special women's collection of the Lazy Oaf brand dedicated to the cat Garfield was brought to Kixbox. Blouses with Garfield, dresses with Garfield, socks with Garfield, that's all.


On Bolshoi Spasoglinischevsky Lane today is Jerusalem Day. On the occasion of the festival of Jewish culture, cuisine and traditions, the street became pedestrian for one day. The organizers promise tasting kosher food and wine, a jazz orchestra performance, a cartoon workshop, a trip to Jerusalem and a fair. The festival will last until late in the evening.



We were informed that evacuation had begun at Mega Khimki due to the threat of an explosion. Everyone is evacuated, including employees. UPD: According to Interfax with reference to the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the shopping center is being checked because of a call with a message about an ownerless item.

Oh, we’ll evacuate the whole Mega-Khimki here (Lucky I chose a day to choose a bed in ikey

- Konstantin (@mudritskiy) May 25, 2014

Mega Khimki, emergency evacuation. All of us send. outside. No one knows what is happening.

- Aleksei Karasiov (@Burunduchapo) May 25, 2014


Recall, by the way, that today is the last day of the solo exhibition of Moscow Banks Pasha 183 at the Moscow Museum of Art and Design on Gogolevsky Boulevard. The museum is open until 20:00.


“Sunday may be the last hot day of May,” colleagues sad. In the evening, rains will begin to rain in some places, and from Monday in the city it will start to get colder. Keep in mind and do not stay too long at home.


To city news. Tyco rapper did not perform at Bosco Fresh Fest in Museon due to overlays yesterday. But it seems to be sure to perform today at 20:50.

BOSCO FRESH FEST publication.


In Ukraine, the president is elected. Polling stations opened at 9 a.m. and will close at 9 p.m. Moscow time. There are 21 names in the ballots. According to opinion polls, the most likely candidate for the post of new head of the country is Petro Poroshenko. It is followed by Yulia Tymoshenko. It is also reported that in Slavyansk, Donetsk and Lugansk, plots did not open.


Let's start with the main news. The detained in Ukraine Lifenews journalists Oleg Sidyakin and Marat Savchenko were released. First, the channel’s twitter reported it, and then the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, in his Instagram. At night, a plane with journalists flew to Grozny, and now they have arrived from there to Moscow. Details of the release are not yet known. Here’s what Kadyrov told Instagram: “Dear friends! Russian journalists Oleg Sidyakin and Marat Saychenko rested in Grozny and flew by special flight to Moscow in the morning. At dawn, LifeNews CEO Aram Gabrelyanov and State Duma deputy Shamsail Saraliev flew in. The guys talked about what they experienced in what conditions were in captivity. At the same time, Oleg and Marat emphasized that they didn’t doubt for a minute that the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, was taking comprehensive measures to free him. "


Hello to everyone who woke up! There is another day ahead, on the street +26, and we continue to broadcast. Now we’ll quickly tell you what happened in the city and the world while you were sleeping, and how to spend Sunday in Moscow.


Andrei Zvyagintsev's film "Leviathan" won a prize for the best screenplay in Cannes. This is a modern version of the story of the biblical Job. The Golden Palm Branch was awarded the Winter Hibernation by Nuri Bilge Ceylan, a drama between a man and two women in a snow-covered hotel in Anatolia. Julianne Moore and Timothy Spoll won awards in acting nominations for the "Star Card" and "William Turner".


At this, we temporarily interrupt our broadcast and go out into the field - follow our Instagram, there will probably be something interesting. As a reading for the evening - a selection of the most spectacular skyscrapers on the planet from a friendly editorial staff. Do not get bored!


And in the "Museon" now so. There began the Bosco Fresh Fest. Judging by the photos, breathing is still free.


Meanwhile, actor Morgan Freeman recorded a promo for the new Science Channel project, in which he breathes helium from a balloon. Three million views in two days.


In St. Petersburg, at the economic forum, Vladimir Putin met with the heads of world news agencies, and reading about something else on social networks immediately became a problem.


"Time Machine" will give a free concert in the Luzhniki park. Information about this appeared on the website of the group leader Andrei Makarevich. On May 31, musicians will play 45 songs for actions in support of the Give Life charity foundation. “Forty-five times once in a lifetime! Pray for good weather!”, Makarevich addresses his fans.


We leave for a musical break. Bat For Lashes lead singer Natash Khan and Beck recorded a beautiful collaborative song.


At the Polyfest festival of fascinating science at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, one can walk through such a maze of books. This and many other interesting fun today and tomorrow can be seen until 23:00.


More news from Cannes. Quentin Tarantino said he was going to make a mini-series out of his film "Django Unchained". The director thinks to supplement it with unreleased scenes, with which the new version will pull in four separate episodes. According to Tarantino, he has already taken 90 minutes of scenes not included in the film. However, when exactly it is worth waiting for the Django series is still unknown.


By the way, today Joseph Brodsky would have turned 74 years old. On occasion, you can test yourself for knowledge of his poems.


The blogger Ilya Varlamov talked about how he was not allowed to go to Lviv for a long time because he "came to the polls."

Varlamov publication.


Lady Gaga, meanwhile, invited Conchita Wurst to participate in her Artpop tour show. It is assumed that Conchita will act as the opening act for Gaga in September. Would you go to such a concert?


The Beat Film Festival continues the crowdfunding campaign in support of the festival. The final goal of the project is to collect about 140,000 rubles. Among the lots: bags and sweatshirts with symbols, Esquire archive numbers with the rules of life of David Bowie and Tom Waits, a ticket for the Auktsion concert or the SVOY Subbotnik festival, as well as much more. The festival of musical documentaries starts, by the way, next Tuesday.


A lounge area has appeared on the Sparrow Hills.

publication Central Park of Culture and Rest. Gorky.


On YouTube, the musical battle of Red Hot Chily Peppers drummer Chad Smith and actor Will Ferell on the Jimmy Fallon show is gaining incredible popularity. Other musicians from RHCP appear in the finale.


Now about what is discussed today on the network. Last night in Cannes, the Russian film "Leviathan" by Andrei Zvyagintsev was shown. He closed the competition program of the film festival. Critics liked the tape, but Russian Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky didn’t. "We showed the picture to Mr. Medinsky, he said: they don’t drink like that in Russia," director Andrei Zvyagintsev told reporters. Medinsky also noted that the film would not suffer at all if the mat was cut from it. At the same time, the world press called the picture a new Russian masterpiece.


First of all, we recall that today the Tverskaya metro station has closed at the entrance and exit. Escalators are being repaired there until Monday. Keep in mind if you were going to walk somewhere nearby.


Hi Muscovites! We start the Saturday broadcast. The city is now +25, the “Do Fest” workshop festival has opened in Di Telegraph, the architectural biennale in the Central House of Artists, and in Krasnaya Presnya, children compete in the Run and Shout marathon. If you’ve already woken up, connect to us and don’t miss anything. Go!


Link to the evening for those who spend it at home. In Russia this week launched the national search engine "Sputnik". The guys at Look At Me responded with a selection of the most popular Google and Yandex search queries and compared them to the new search engine.


If it’s a little hot on the street, you can spend tomorrow at the cinema, where several interesting paintings started right away. The new X-Men, Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly, Mila Kunis and Robin Williams - we already watched and shared our impressions.


Good evening, townspeople! We are starting our traditional live broadcast. First, briefly about how you can spend the weekend for those who have not planned it yet: Bosco Fresh Fest, an exciting science festival at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, "Make a Fest", an architectural biennale, Vinyl Day and a dozen more events - details in our guide. The weather promises to be as summer as this whole week.

Watch the video: NASA Live: Official Stream of NASA TV (November 2019).

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