"For the bike city": Guide to the bike ride and picnic Life around in St. Petersburg

July 26, "Cycling of St. Petersburg" and the Internet newspaper Life around organize the festival "For the bicycle city". This year it will be held at the Petrovsky Arsenal in the format of a bicycle picnic - with a great food court, concert program, evening film screenings and two races. At the same time, traditional activities will not disappear either: an open-air bike market, an exhibition of rare and custom bikes and a photo booth will open, pop-up workshops will also work, where they will carry out minor bicycle repairs. On the site you can play board games, badminton, frisbee, table tennis and pétanque, as well as receive nice gifts from the partner of the festival Le Coq Sportif.

The road to Sestroretsk


Park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, the main entrance

The finish:

Voskova St., 2, Sestroretsk

The traditional bike ride this year will not take place, but you can drive to the Petrovsky Arsenal in the company of other cyclists. In total, three columns will be organized. They will start at the main entrance to the 300th anniversary park at 10:30, 11:30 and 12:30. The route passes along an asphalt path along the Primorsky highway: in the Fox Nose area it is interrupted, so the column will turn onto Pesochnaya Street and go round the village.

Near the Alexandrovskaya and Tarkhovskaya platforms, the columns will make stops, and those who get to the Petrovsky Arsenal by train will be able to join. As a result, the route passes along the bicycle path, sidewalks and roads with roadsides - it will be possible to drive it without violating the traffic rules. In total, cyclists will travel 21 kilometers and finish at the Petrovsky Arsenal on Voskov Street 2. A detailed map with all stops and features of the track is available here.

You can’t ride on the lawns in the territory of the Petrovsky Arsenal. They suggest leaving the transport at a special bicycle parking: it is not very large, but extra seats will be specially organized for the festival.

How to get there without a bike

You can get to the Petrovsky Arsenal by train. More than a dozen trains depart from Finland Station on Saturday in the direction of Sestroretsk with an hour and a half interval. The Sestroretsk station is located 300 meters from the Petrovsky Arsenal.

You can also reach by public transport: shuttle bus No. 400 runs from Ploshchad Lenina metro station, No. 827 goes from Enlightenment Prospect, No. 305 from Staraya Derevnya, route buses No. 417, 425 and city bus No. 211 go from Chernaya Rechka station .


Bicycle workshop

Throughout the day, from 12:00 to 21:00, the Velotech workshop will work at the festival. There they will make minor repairs and tuning the bike for free. Special contests have been prepared for visitors to Velotech, for example, folding a bicycle for speed.


Throughout the day, there will be a market where you can buy bicycle baskets, bags, bells, lanterns from it's my! Bike store, Medooza Apparel street clothes, Waf Waf bicycle badges, saddles and bicycles from the Velostrike store.

Food court

From noon to one in the afternoon for the first guests of the festival, the organizers will arrange a bicycle breakfast with refreshments. At 12:00 on the territory of the Petrovsky Arsenal a food court will open. Among the participants - "Sidreria", which will bring many varieties of cider, Papa Burrito and a van with street food "1983".

Educational part

Cycling school

At 13: 00-14: 00 and at 16: 00-17: 00 open lessons of the Bicycle School on safe movement around the city will be held in the tent. They will tell you about the basic rules of the road that a cyclist needs to know, analyze specific examples and difficult cases, and give tips on safe driving.

Marquee Greenpeace

At Greenpeace, they will tell you how many plastic bottles need to be recycled to make a fleece sweatshirt or sleeping bag, or how many aluminum cans are needed for a stylish bottle on a bike. Here they will take batteries and recyclables, and also show and tell how easy it is to sort it. Everyone will have the opportunity to sign up for volunteers, make a donation and receive a bag or Greenpeace T-shirt made from eco-cotton or a pen made from recycled plastic.

Master classes

The mobile pavilion of the Manifesta 10 Biennale will work throughout the day at the festival. There will be two types of master classes - Slogan-kite on kite assembly and Urbanistic Manifesta 10 Tour, where they will make a cycling route under the Biennale program. Classes begin as groups recruit.



Film screenings

From 14:00 to 15:00 and from 18:00 to 21:00 a documentary movie about cyclists will be shown in a special tent. The program includes a film that tells about the bicycle couriers of Brussels - "Brussels Express" and a tape about the history of bicycles from their birth to death - Life Cycles.

Exhibitions and test drives

Traditionally, the festival will host an exhibition of rare and unusual bicycles from the Racing Bureau, Iron Wheels, Igor Baronas, the Alfabike custom bike club and the Tru-D workshop. At a separate venue, they will arrange a test drive and exhibition of Electra and Peugeot Cycles bicycles, as well as an Ingria bicycle showroom.

Graffiti Performance

Misha Wert159 and his team will arrange a performance: in three hours, the artists will turn a piece of an empty wall opposite the food court into an art object with a bicycle theme. The process can be observed from 15:00 to 18:00.

Photo booths

Instagram Printbox, a printer that automatically prints photos from Instagram using the hashtag #zavelogorod, will work from 15:00 to 18:00.

Also, the PrintBudka device will be installed at the festival, which takes instant photos and immediately prints them or puts them on social networks.


At the end of the evening, they will listen to music at the Velogorod. St. Petersburg bands and musicians will play on stage.

Concert Program:

17:00-18:00 - Auroraw.

21:00-22:00 - la Vtornik.


Two races are planned as part of the festival: the second stage of the Leningrad Criterium fix and road bike race and the Folding Bike Race folding bike race. Competitions will be held opposite the Petrovsky Arsenal park - on Freedom Square near the Sestroretsk administration.

Folding Bike Race

In a folding bike race, it is important not only to be the fastest at a distance of three kilometers, but also to follow the dress code - all participants are asked to dress in smart casual style. Jackets, shirts, ties and bow ties are optional, but welcome. An application for participation (indicating the model of the bike, name and contact number) must be sent to [email protected] Registration will begin at 17:30, the start of the race - at 18:00. Registration fee - 200 rubles.

Leningrad criterium

The Leningrad Criterium fix and road bike race will become a kind of tribute to Sestroretsk’s cycling traditions: among the pupils of the local sports school there are two world cycling champions, as well as several Olympic winners in this sport. To participate in the race you need to register directly on the spot, registration starts at 17:00. The race starts at 19:00.

Race BroadcastTour de France

The racing theme at the festival will be continued with the evening broadcast of the penultimate stage of the world tour Tour de France on the Bergerac-Perege section. This is the only stage where athletes compete individually at a distance of 54 kilometers. The broadcast will go from 15:00 to 16:00 in a tent in the Le Coq Sportif zone, which this year supports the anniversary of the legendary race.

Photos: itsmybike, manifesta10_spb, WERT159
Ttext:Alina Kiseleva

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