Flow: Music, Food, and Artists at Helsinki Main Festival

Flow festival

When: August 12-14

Where: Helsinki


At the Finnish Flow festival, there are always a lot of spectators from St. Petersburg. It seems that even a nearly twofold increase in the euro exchange rate had little effect on their quantity: anyway, there is nothing worthy to be found on the map of European festivals on the map.

Flow traditionally takes place at the former Suvilahti Power Station in Helsinki. Last year, the media wrote that the festival rents the territory only until 2017, but, as the organizers assured us, they will continue to conduct Flow here in the industrial landscape.

This is the territorially closest world-class festival to St. Petersburg: seven hours by bus (Lux Express - from 950 rubles one way, a myriad of minibuses - from 800 rubles), three and a half hours - by train Allegro (from 39 euros).

Tickets for Flow are likely to be sold out before the festival begins. An important point: tickets from Russian operators this year are significantly cheaper. For example, a three-day ticket will cost 9,900 rubles - against 175 euros on Ticketmaster.

It’s better not to delay the booking of accommodation (and hiding in a tent like on Glastonbury or Roskilde here): as practice shows, closer to the start of the festival, both on and on Airbnb have a ride. The festival itself sells packages, which, in addition to the ticket itself, include a three-day stay at one of the Helsinki hotels. However, we recommend that you first check with Chiptrip if there are any interesting proposals for a trip to Flow.



When speaking: August 13 (Saturday)

We probably will never wait for The Smiths to reunite, but this is not a reason to neglect the solo Stephen Patrick Morrissey - especially from European festivals this year he will appear, it seems, only at the Swedish Way Out West. In voting for the most anticipated performance in the Russian group VKontakte Flow, Morrissey is now the leader. Morrissey may not release studio albums for five years, with his status as a legend, it doesn’t matter anymore. At concerts, he usually performs both solo songs and The Smiths hits. Morrissey has a complex character, anything can happen at the festival - all the more interesting. Fans in anticipation of the appearance of the singer on Flow joke: what will happen if Morrissey learns the smell of barbecue from the food court? There is a known case when a singer canceled a performance due to the fact that the platform refused to sell meat on the day of his performance. However, on Flow with options for vegetarians (and even vegans) everything is in order.

Massive Attack & Young Fathers

When performing: August 12 (Friday)

The trip-hop pioneers soon - scared to think - will celebrate their 30th birthday, and their debut - and, along with Mezzanine, the best - Blue Lines album this year is 25 years old. Massive Attack did not record anything since 2010, and this year they returned with the powerful mini-album Ritual Spirit - and probably one of the most frightening video clips of the present for the song Vodoo in My Blood from the same EP. In the creation of the video and the song, not only the actress Rosamund Pike from "Disappeared" took part, but also the young fathers hip-hop group from Edinburgh, who won the Mercury Prize a couple of years ago for their debut album. They will join the Massive Attack - on the Flow stage: peppy guys from Young Fathers and swing the halls alone be healthy - so in this case, something extraordinary awaits the audience.


When performing: August 14 (Sunday)

Australian Sia collaborated with Beyonce and Rihanna - and now the pop star herself is no less than. In order to roughly imagine what exactly awaits us at Flow, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with one of the many videos of Sia's performance at Coachella this spring. The singer is static, her face is not visible (today Siya seems to be more associated with the dancer Maddy Ziegler, who starred in her four clips) - all the power of emotions is put into the voice. And this is really one of the most powerful moments of the festival in the Coachella Valley.

New order

When performing: August 14 (Sunday)

The Manchesterians who reunited in 2011 - after in 2007 when Peter Hook left the band everything went to hell (or rather, to the Bad Lieutenant project) - they even performed in St. Petersburg several years ago. But in the near future, such a gift is probably not worth waiting for, so Flow is the closest opportunity to see Bernard Sumner and Co. alive (minus the same Hook). Now New Order is rolling back the latest Music Complete album (by the way, warmly received by critics), but, we dare to hope, Blue Monday will sound like it too. You have to go to enjoy Bernie's ever-young vocals.

Iggy Pop

When speaking: August 12 (Friday)

Reformulating an anecdote about Keith Richards: "It's time to think about what kind of world we will leave behind Iggy Pop." As if the immortal Iggy Pop live is always a celebration. The godfather of punk and grunge is completely devoid of pathos and keeps his hand on the pulse of the latest trends. Iggy Pop goes to Flow with the latest - 17th - Post Pop Depression studio album, recorded with the participation of Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age.

Who else to pay attention to


When: August 13th

Holly herndon

Who: The favorite of Wire magazine, which today makes perhaps the most intelligent and progressive electronic music, while not forgetting the beauty of sound structures.


When: August 14

Nicole Willis, Jimi Tenor, Tony Allen

Who: Finnish multi-instrumentalist Jimi Tenor, freely combining jazz and techno; his wife, American singer Nicole Willis, specializing in soul music; and Afrobit inventor Tony Allen.


When: 12th of August

Jaakko Eino Kalevi

Who: A Finnish composer who melancholy performs strange - as if nostalgic - pop songs to the accompaniment of a synthesizer, drums and saxophone.


When: August 13th


Who: A Swedish band combining psychedelic and folk sounds is like the soundtrack to an imaginary Scandinavian hippie movie.


When: 1August 3rd

Moa Pillar

Who: Moscow electronic engineer Fedor Pereverzev, practicing non-banal techno - esoteric, introducing into a trance.

In addition to music


Flow will feature an excellent gastronomic program. In total, 40 food outlets will work this year, half of which for the first time at the festival: the assortment includes both street food and the famous restaurant brands of Helsinki. It is worth paying attention to Farang (traditional Far Eastern dishes are served under the guise of street food); Juuri (Finnish cuisine); pop-up restaurant Matti Jamsen, who last year was in the top five best chefs in the world according to the international competition Bocused'Or. In addition, six vegan restaurants will be presented at the festival, and at least one vegetarian dish is promised on the menu of each of the food outlets.


As part of the traditional art program, artists Laura Gustafsson and Terike Haapoya will create a work of art right at the festival. The collaboration is called "Embrace Your Empathy!" - This is part of the project of artists "History of others", which examines the relationship of man with nature. The artists will reproduce a utopia in which humans and animals are equal. The work is inspired by the works of Philip C. Dick, in particular, the book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?"

The Flow Art Program is overseen by the University of Helsinki. In addition to "Artist of the Year," he will present an art laboratory. In total, more than 20 artists and art groups will show on the Flow venue: these will be sound installations, video art, performances and much more.

Discussion program

Flow will traditionally host workshops. Among the stated topics: combination of work and home; how to develop an idea from a startup to a million dollar project; gentrification.

The Flow Talks event will take place in the Voimala building on Friday, August 12 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. To get there, you must have a ticket for the Friday program of the festival (or multi-day). We recommend pre-registering online.

Family program

On August 14, the final day, Flow will open with a special program for families with children. From 13:00 to 17:00, visitors will enjoy interactive performances, creative workshops, culinary discoveries, circus tricks and musical performances. Children will be able to get to Flow for free, accompanied by adults who have bought a festival ticket. The rest of the time, the festival has an age limit of 18+.

cover: Mary Ellen Matthews / RCA Records / Sony Music Entertainment

Watch the video: HELSINKI FINLAND - FLOW FESTIVAL (November 2019).

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