First persons: How to select the waiters in the "Coffeemania"

Service in restaurants and those who serve is a topic no less discussed than food quality, price or interior. In Moscow, waiters often work as students and generally all who have to. At that time, waiters in other countries meet in their fifties, proudly telling that their work is important and serious and that it can be devoted to all life. Life around decided to find establishments in which waiters take not anyone, but people who meet certain criteria, and not necessarily external ones, and find out how such selection affects team relationships and the work itself.



The Moscow cafe network with a full menu and good coffee (the company itself is engaged in roasting beans, the barista chain has won important coffee competitions more than once). First "Coffeemania" opened in 2001, now there are 18 chain restaurants in the capital (including five at airports). Management Company "Coffeemania" also own a pizzeria Barmalini and cafe "Uzbek" at the Domodedovo airport.


Personnel selection criteria


(preferably up to 25)


Higher education


Foreign language skills




17 waiters
6 managers


Evgeny Prokopov, Special Project Manager; Elena Devisheva, waitress; Anastasia Utesheva, waitress; Alexey Markov, manager; Victoria Degtyareva, manager; Andrey Gotsev, waiter; Ekaterina Terentyeva, Deputy General Director; Pavel Bogolepov, busboyELena Kolomytseva, waiter.

Evgeny Prokopov

Project Manager, 27

I ended up in Coffeemania, having already graduated. Then I dreamed of working in PR, in the best advertising agency, went for interviews. And my girlfriend worked at Coffeemania, and she had a stable income. I thought that I would come here to earn a vacation and continue to search for work. The internship turned out to be very long, took 4.5 months, and it turned out that I remained in the company: she charm me all. I liked the attitude to the team, that each restaurant is its own team, that the company is interested in development, and many corporate events are constantly held. He worked as a waiter for a year and became a manager, and then they offered me a position that was specially created for me - a manager for special projects. Now I organize all internal events, make sure that employees are up to date with company news. Our management team very often travels on business trips, by the way, we bring many recipes from trips.

As for the search for waiters, recently we have minimized our presence on popular job search services and began to actively use social networks. It’s just more convenient to find people who are suitable for us: those who have already graduated or who are still getting it.

As soon as they come to us to get a job as a waiter, we immediately let you fill out a questionnaire, which, in addition to such data as the name, indicates why the choice fell on "Coffeemania", the level of knowledge of foreign languages, work experience and education. It is important for us that a person graduate or have already received, healthy ambition is the norm.

I would like the device in our company to be a conscious choice, because we have very serious and high-quality corporate training, the company is developing rapidly, and there are good career opportunities. Internships are long, at least three months. They take place in our training center and directly on the spot, in the coffee house. Classes are ongoing. There are trainings for experienced employees and for beginners (they are usually conducted by managers). There are mentors in the coffee shop who train newcomers. The restaurant manager oversees all this.

As a result of the internship, certification is carried out, it includes the theoretical part (knowledge of the menu and standards) and the practical part, when a representative of the training center comes with a manager and a waiter to the place and looks at the service process. Only a certified employee works with guests. There is a group of waiters' assistants, their number depends on the volume of work, on average about three people per shift. But this is the internship stage, not the position, learn the basics, learn from experience.

Ekaterina Terentyeva

Deputy General Director, 27 years

I was 18 years old when I came to Coffeemania. My girlfriend worked as a waiter here and offered to try me too. I had a plan for the summer of 2004 - to go camping in the Crimea, for this I had to earn a bike. On the advice of a friend, I came to Coffeemania, worked at the counter of a coffee shop at Domodedovo Airport, and was about to leave when I was asked to stay another month. As a result, I stayed for nine years. And of course, I forgot about the bike. During this time, I became the manager from the waiter, I came here to Belorusskaya to open the facility from scratch and got the post of deputy general director. 

We want people to become professionals and like-minded people who will have the understanding that hospitality is first and foremost. That all we do is to make guests happy. This is our philosophy. We have a saying: a guest is a king or queen.

We try not to take waiters over 25 years old, because we have a fairly young team. Of course, there are old-timers, but these are people who have grown up with us and still work as waiters.

We realized that we want to be a recognized leader in the restaurant business in Russia, and we strive for this goal in every way. Our motto is “dignity, quality and constancy”. And the people who come to us should understand that they have come not only to learn how to carry a tray, but also to understand why this should be done beautifully and professionally.

We are looking for nice, ambitious people and share this philosophy with them. We are trying to put them before a choice: either you want to work honestly and efficiently, or, roughly speaking, you want to work in a bad cafe and spit on a guest plate. But then it is not for us.

Victoria Degtyareva

manager27 years

I came to Coffeemania when I was in my second year. First, study was in first place, work in second, then it became the other way around. My friend brought me here, she worked at Coffeemania and constantly told me how great it was. I thought I would work a bit as a waiter, and then get into the office. As a result, I wrote a diploma when I was a manager.

I started, like everyone else, as an assistant to the waiter. Then she became a manager and manager. We have similar stories, no one was going to stay here for a long time, but it turned out that I don’t want to leave here. I like everything: the team, the company, and the idea.

Anastasia Utesheva

waiter, 30 years old

I chose Coffeemania ten years ago, when everything was just in its infancy. I grew and developed with this company. I like the people I work with. We always try to be on the level, we do not allow ourselves any mistakes. We have our own isolated world, everything is done for this, and work in the company is not limited only to work in a restaurant. We regularly travel together somewhere, arrange events.

Andrey Gotsev

waiter, 21 years old

I came to Coffeemania on the advice of friends. He worked as an assistant to the waiter, passed all the trainings, passed certification, began working at Nikitskaya, then switched to Belorusskaya. A lot of effort was put and nerves were spent, because the process of communicating with other people is exciting in itself, you try to adapt to the person, to find out what he wants.

Initially, I thought about how to support myself and even help my parents, but then this work grew into something more. I realized that there is professional training, good staff and management staff, it is nice to communicate with people who are higher than you in rank, in one language.

Elena Kolomytseva

barista, 21 years old

I came to Coffeemania in the summer as a part-time job. I studied here for a barista, passed certification (making coffee and an original drink) and began working in a branch of a coffee shop at Domodedovo Airport. Well, like many others, it was delayed - for the fourth year already. Although I did not have work experience and there is nothing to compare with, but there is a very pleasant atmosphere, a young team, to work calmly. The schedule is also suitable for me: I’m already graduating from university, it is easy to combine work with study.

Text: Olga Kiseleva
Photos: Mikhail Goldenkov

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